Christmas 2011

Coming !!

The Saucy Mews will be celebrating its third Christmas this December!
Following huge success in the past two years, I will be launching a new website in the coming weeks, replete with video blogs direct from The Saucy Mews in which I will be demonstrating some simple recipes to compliment the exquisite array of goodies in this years hampers.
The bushes are teeming with wild blackberries, trees are listing with organic plums and I, perched atop a precarious ladder, am vying with the wasps to pick the best ones.

Hamper 2010

The 30euro Hamper Includes:
Delicious Christmas Pudding
Cognac and Tangerine Sauce
Selection of Homemade Jams and Chutney
Handmade Italian Biscotti

All homemade by Isobel using utterly natural ingredients

Private and Corporate orders welcome
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One Year Old

The Saucy Mews will be One Year Old this Christmas, 2010! In 2009, The Saucy Mews Christmas Hampers were a resounding success, topping a hundred sales and boasting many a happy tastebud to tell the tale.
This Summer, Isobel has once more been busy sourcing the best home-grown, organic produce to make her devastatingly delicious jams and chutneys; and has been preparing her supremely exquisite Christmas Puddings with the finest ingredients known to man.

Isobel picking wild blackberries in Connemara, August 2010...They all went in the pot that same day to make her Delicious Wild Blackberry and Lemon Jam!

Astound and delight your friends with a Saucy Mews Hamper this Christmas!
The 30euro Hamper includes Christmas Pudding (500g) with an accompanying jar of Tangerine Cognac Butter, two jams and a chutney, and delicious homemade Italian Biscotti.
The 50euro Hamper includes a large Christmas Pudding (1000g) with an accompanying jar of Tangerine Cognac Butter, four jams and two chutneys, and delicious homemade Italian Biscotti.

Jams are:

Oh! Marmalady four fruit marmalade,
Rhubarb & Ginger Conserve,
Wild Blackberry & Lemon Jam,
Wild Crabapple Jelly,
and Chutneys are: ,Hot! Red Onion Relish, Chili Zucchini Marmalade.Organic Zucchini Chutney

Orders can be made by emailing Isobel at

Here are some images of the natural organic ingredients I use in my recipes!

Blackberries growing wild in Connemara this August...

Organic Yellow Zucchini, grown in Monkstown, Co. Dublin

Organic Red Devil Apples, grown in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

Isobel with Cora, one of her apple suppliers!

Organic onions, straight from the ground in Monkstown, Co. Dublin

Last year's Saucy Mews Christmas Hamper Flyer